Monday Night Racing

Monday Night Racing is an on-line series of Gran Turismo races starting with GT6 (Aug, 2012) and hosted by MasterGT. Monday Night Racing currently uses GT Sport and will continue with future GT releases.

Dates & Time: Monday evenings, 7:30 PM Eastern time zone. Racing starts at 8 and usually continues for 2-4 hours.

Typical racing involves 15-20 minute races, one car that we haven't used before, and a few tracks which get repeated throughout the evening so that everyone gets a chance to understand each car, to fine tune its settings, and to race better as the night rolls on. You should be able to have a better handling car by the end of an evening of challenging and, hopefully, fairly realistic but fun racing. Ask for help if you need some.

Drivers are of all types, ages and skill levels, but we expect to be treated fairly on track. The lobby settings are set up to encourage good behavior and good driving (strong penalties, heavy damage, reasonable tire grip for each car) even though we race in open lobbies.

If Monday Night Racing appeals to you, please join the PlayStation Network's Race Room Community.



July 22 @ 7:30 Eastern

Gran Turismo Greddy Fugu Z, Sport Hard tires, 249 HP, 2425 lbs

Gran Turismo Greddy Fugu Z

Tracks and laps
Sardegna Road C (12)
Autopolis Shortcut (10)
Maggiore West (9)

A fun car (300K credits) on short tracks.

Join us in the PlayStation Network's Race Room Community.


July 29 @ 7:30 Eastern

AUDI TTS Coupé '14, Sport Hard tires, 305 HP, 3053 Lbs

Tracks and Laps
Tokyo South Outer Loop (8)
Dragon Trail Seaside (8)
Kyoto Yamagiwa+Miyabi (5)

This is a nice handling car, once it is tuned.

Join us in the PlayStation Network's Race Room Community.

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